EquiScape is web-based sketching app for creating equirectangular panoramic illustrations. EquiScape supports stylus, touch, and mouse painting. A modern, up-to-date browser is required.

New Sketch

How to Use

Menu Buttons (left-to-right):

New sketch | Open Sketch | Save Sketch | Export | Fullscreen | Redo | Undo

Toolbar (left-to-right):

Tool Select | Paint Color | Brush Size | Cursor Snapping | Grid Opacity % | Grid Offset % | Touch Painting Toggle | Horizontal Ruler Toggle

Canvas elements:

Grid lines - The equator is 0 degrees. Grid lines are spaced at a 5 degree interval, from 180 to -180 degrees top to bottom, and -90 and 90 degrees left to right.

Purple line - The horizontal guide.

Red circles - Drag these to move the horizontal guide line. Handles turn green when horizontal snapping is enabled.


The export button flattens your image into an equirectangular panorama with all the correct metadata for upload to Facebook, Youtube, and other panorama services.


Inspired by Eqasketch 360 by António Bandeira Araújo.

Inspired by Sketch 360 by Michael Scherotter.


EquiScape is created by Peter Hughes.